Labor Day Weekend 2014

Deal's Gap Yamaha FJR1300

I know I stated in my last post that I try not to make a habit out of traveling on holiday weekends but…it happened again. This time Kristen and I left Thad at home (seriously, who would rather attend TWO weddings than go riding??) and took off on a 5 day trip. Day One (Thursday, August 28th) After getting some breakfast at the Clearbrook Shopping Center, we rode up to Moorefield, WV and got on Rt 220 South taking it

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Pre-ride Inspection

(Please note: If you have a factory ride in MotoGP you can ignore this article. You have “people” that do this for you.) There are a few things you should do before hopping on your bike to ride that will ensure your bike is running properly AND keep you from getting stuck on the side of the road. If you’re planning a long ride, specifically a multiple day ride, run through these checks a few days before you take off.

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Jim Beam Distillery

Jim Beam Barn

Day One While I’m not normally a big fan of planning rides over holiday weekends, that’s just the way it worked out for our trip to the Jim Beam Distillery. We left the morning of July 4th from my house in Bunker Hill, WV and started to head west toward Moorefield, WV. I was riding my FJR with my girlfriend, Kristen on the back while my buddy, Thad was riding a 2002 Kawasaki ZR-7S. We rode out the newer section

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