Rear Shock Install

Racetech Shock unboxing

Yesterday, I arrived home to find a package on my front door step. My newly rebuilt shock from Race Tech has arrived!! The first 2 things I noticed where 1) It’s got a bright red spring and 2) It’s clean! After firing up the heater and letting it warm up the garage for a bit, I headed out to bolt it back on the bike. I had difficulty with the top bolt when removing it but it went in rather

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Spark Plugs

According to the Yamaha Service Manual, the spark plugs in my FJR should be changed every 8,000 miles. I’ve put well over 10,00 miles on the bike since I bought it in April of 2013 and I have no clue when they were last changed so since the bike is partially torn down waiting on my rebuilt shock to arrive, I thought I would install some new plugs. After unbolting the fuel tank (mine already was unbolted), you’ll need to

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Rear Shock Removal

It’s winter in WV so the weather is cold and terrible. However, riding season will be here before we know it so we might as well get some off season maintenance completed. Anyone with an FJR knows these things are undersprung from the factory and with over 30k miles on my rear shock, it’s feeling awfully spongy. I spoke with the folks at Race Tech about doing a Gold Valve Conversion to the shock and having it resprung. Since they’re

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