I Test Rode a Gold Wing

Yesterday (August 25th), I stopped by Ride on Moto to pick up a Liquid Performance Detailing Kit to put in my trunk for my upcoming trip this week. I noticed a used Gold Wing sitting out front and wanted to find out some details. Before I knew it, John let me borrow his helmet and tossed me the keys to the 2009 Honda Gold Wing. It was my first time ever on one of the 1800s. Taking off from the

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Spruce Knob Part 2

FJR1300 Spruce Knob

Back on June 28th, I attempted to ride to the top of Spruce Knob…I failed. On August 17th, I attempted again…more on that later. So a few nights before Kristen and I were watching Long Way Round and the guys were touring a coal mine so we thought it would be cool to tour a coal mine as well. The closest I new of was in Beckley, WV. I began to map out the ride but then we kinda decided

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Best Travel Charger

If you do any amount of traveling you’ve probably noticed, there never seems to be enough power outlets in hotel rooms to plug in or charge your devices. When we travel on the motorcycle, we have a minimum of 2 bluetooth headsets and 2 iPhones to charge at the end of each day. Add in an iPad, laptop, Kindle or other electronic device you may be traveling with and you may find you don’t have enough power outlets to charge

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Yuengling Brewery

Saturday, August 8, 2015 We took off from Martinsburg, WV around 7:30am and decided to take Rt 11 North with our destination being Pottsville, PA. Getting through West Virginia and Maryland doesn’t take much time though the city of Hagerstown will slow you down a bit. Once we got into Pennsylvania we saw a couple of Mennonites riding their bicycles as well as a couple of older gentleman riding in a horse drawn carriage. Kristen was on the FJR with

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What to Pack on your Motorcycle Trip

How to pack your motorcycle

I left 2 BIG things out of the video that you should pack…a cell phone and an air pressure gauge. Unlike the video I’m going to break this down into a few categories.: Must haves, Should haves, Nice to haves and finally clothing recommendations. Must Haves: Tool kit- As I stated in the video, most bikes come with a factory tool kit. You should be familiar with what’s in your kit and add tools you may need. Tire Repair Kit*

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