Jackson to Deadwood

Day 6 of our ten day motorcycle trip begins in Jackson, WY in some rather cold temperatures. During our ride we see the Grand Tetons, stop in Casper, WY for lunch, get to see the famous Devils Tower, play with some prairie dogs, pass through Sundance, and then end the day in the historic town of Deadwood. We ride 569 miles on my Yamaha FJR1300 on day six.

Wild Fires in Yellowstone

Day 5 of our trip starts in Cody, WY. We ride from Cody to Yellowstone National Park where we see some wild animals including a bear and buffalos. Due to the wild fires we could not exit the south gate so we had to exit the west gate into Montana and then ride through Idaho to get to Jackson Hole, WY. We ride 285 miles on my Yamaha FJR1300 on day five.

Dickinson to Cody

Day four of our ten day motorcycle trip took us from Dickinson, ND to Cody, WY passing through Montana. Along the way we stopped in Theodore Roosevelt National Park to see the North Dakota Badlands as well as some wild buffalo. In downtown Cody we also spot from very tame deer. We covered 439 miles on the Yamaha FJR1300 on day four.

World’s Largest Bovidae

Day three of our trip starts in Bloomington, MN and we ride 561 miles on a Yamaha FJR1300 to Dickinson, ND. Along the way to pass through Fargo, ND, Jamestown, ND the home of the World’s Largest Buffalo, Dakota Thunder and we get to see Salem Sue, the World’s Largest Holstein Cow. We also get to check out Frontier Town in Jamestown as well as the Fargo Walk of Fame. and see the North Dakota Geese in Flight Statue

South Bend to Minneapolis

We start day two of our ten day motorcycle trip in South Bend, IN. Today we travel through Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota. Some of the highlights of day 2 include the Chicago skyline, the Weinermobile headquarters in Madison, WI, collecting 2 Starbucks Mugs, and finally ending up at the Mall of America to have dinner and drinks with my magician friend David Farr. On day two we cover 529 miles on a Yamaha FJR1300.

Booking Hotels for a Motorcycle Trip

Buffalo New York

When I Book A question I often get when traveling on a long motorcycle trip (aside from is your butt sore?) is ‘do you book your hotels ahead of time?’ The answer is yes…sorta. Before three years ago, I would just show up at a hotel and ask if they had any vacancies. While this method worked most of the time, sometimes it failed miserably; I’d end up checking multiple hotels before finding out everything was booked and then I’d

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Home to South Bend

We travel nearly 600 miles on my Yamaha FJR1300 on day one of our ten day motorcycle trip. We started in Bunker Hill, WV, rode through Maryland, PA, Ohio, and ended up in South Bend, Indiana for the night. We swung by the University of Notre Dame which was only about a mile from our hotel. Be sure to subscribe to see the rest of the videos of this trip.

Game of Fours Challenge

So I was challenged to the Game of Fours by BroncoRide. This is my response video. 4 favorite foods 4 favorite drinks 4 places you’ve been 4 places you’ve lived 4 names you go by 4 people you call out to do the same thing Thanks to Broncoride for challenging me to this. Check out his channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsiV7JTdgFVRJXGsY9AkIDA Original Broncoride Game of 4’s video: https://youtu.be/2ocQDNrZ6q4 4 riders I called out to do this challenge: OcTaNe Moto: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCl4yQjCjgajZx4QMQwDibnA Loosie Boosie:

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