Olympia Motorcycle Gloves Review

Visit http://www.olympiagloves.com and use the promo code 2WR for a 10% discount (discount ends 7/31/17) To enter the contest to win a free pair of gloves visit http://instagram.com/olympia_gloves or http://instagram.com/marioorsini share the picture in the video and tag Olympia Gloves. (Be nice and give them a follow too). Best of luck to everyone!

Noah’s Bike is Ready to Race!

While I’ve yet to miss one of my Monday or Thursday YouTube uploads yet, I have felt a significant time crunch lately. Since Kristen and I returned from our nearly 2,400 mile 4th of July weekend ride (still haven’t even watched the footage, let alone began editing it) I’ve had to perform routine maintenance on my car, replace all the belts on my lawn mower as well as some other maintenance (not to mention actually mow) and I have Kristen’s

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My Sister’s Ducati Monster | Episode 1

My sister has owned this 2002 Ducati Monster 620 since 2003. However, it hasn’t been ridden much the last few years so in a series of videos, we’ll be performing some routine maintenance and some upgrades to get it back to it’s former glory. To find out more about my sister, Angela and her business check out her YouTube Channel below. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPbNbzY-4iqCZAFHXGHhiOA

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