Mail Time Monday Episode 7

Back with another Episode of Mail Time Monday. Huge thanks to everyone that took the time to send me something; I greatly appreciate it! GoldWing MusicMan

2 Wheeled Rider Amazon Store

Thanks to you all of you that follow my blog, YouTube Channel, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook page, Amazon has recently approved me (2 Wheeled Rider) for their new “Influencer” program. Being an Amazon Influencer allows me to have my own online Amazon Store to post products I recommend and use myself. Currently I only have about a dozen items listed but look for that number to grow and for the items to change as I review more motorcycle and travel

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The Future of 2 Wheeled Rider

I wanted to give everyone a peek into the future of 2 Wheeled Rider (website and YouTube channel). Yesterday, the ECEA Hare Scramble season wrapped up so Noah and I are (likely) finished racing for the rest of 2017. He took 5th in the 50cc class over the weekend and finished 4th in the 7-10 trail class. Ultimately, he ended up 6th place in the final championship standings. I scored my first and only point of the season by placing

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Travel Map

I had quite a few people ask if I could provide a map of the roads I traveled on my cross-country trip. Below is a link to a Google Map I created. I would say it’s about 96% accurate. Click Here for map

Travel Story Book Update

It’s been 6 weeks since I wrote a post here on the website about writing a book about my riding adventures so I thought today I would post a quick update. To date I’ve only written about 2,500 words for the new book. I let Kristen take a look at it the other night and she gave me a proverbial “thumbs up” so I think I’m on the right track. Though 2,500 words isn’t a lot it is enough to

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Noah’s Bike is Ready to Race!

While I’ve yet to miss one of my Monday or Thursday YouTube uploads yet, I have felt a significant time crunch lately. Since Kristen and I returned from our nearly 2,400 mile 4th of July weekend ride (still haven’t even watched the footage, let alone began editing it) I’ve had to perform routine maintenance on my car, replace all the belts on my lawn mower as well as some other maintenance (not to mention actually mow) and I have Kristen’s

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Future Books

After the release of my book, Motorcyclist’s Guide To Travel, I almost immediately began receiving emails inquiring whether I was planning to write a book about my adventures and travels. To be honest, at the time I was already working on my second book but it was not about my motorcycle trips. While I don’t want to get into specifics about what that book is about because I do still plan on releasing it hopefully later this year, it’s much

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Don’t Ask Me Which Bike You Should Start On

Jack Daniel's General Store

When newly licensed motorcyclists ask my opinion on what type of bike to buy for their first street bike, I always say “Get a Dual Sport.” I’m not sure why I continue to waste my breath because no one has taken my advice yet. Most end up buying a sport bike or cruiser for their first bike and most end up dropping them at some point which means all sorts of cosmetic damage that either never gets fixed or costs

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Motorcycle Helmet Headsets

In the past few years motorcycle helmet headsets have now become mainstream amongst riders. My uncles and grandfather had headsets in their helmets since the early 1980s but outside of those on touring bikes, headsets were the exception instead of the rule. When I first acquired my Yamaha FJR1300 I looked into adding a J&M set up to the bike similar to what my uncle runs on his Gold Wing but elected not to bother. Why? Because by the time

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