I Wrote A Book

In this video I talk about my recently released book, Motorcyclist’s Guide To Travel while taking a Sunday ride on my KTM 1290 Super adventure.

Sub for Sub

Just a quick warning. This post will not be specifically about motorcycling. Instead, it will deal with YouTube. Since many of you who read this website, also follow me on YouTube, I figured it would still make sense to post here. What used to be every once in a while is now happening multiple times a week. As I’m replying to comments people have left on my YouTube videos, I come across the dreaded Sub for Sub request. I’m sure

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The Best $100 to Spend on your Motorcycle

In my opinion the best $100 you can spend on your motorcycle is buying the factory service/shop manual. I’m not talking about the little owner’s manual booklet that comes with the bike but instead the several hundred page and sometimes several pound book that shows you everything from the proper amount of throttle freeplay to how to remove the crankshaft. I own the service manual for each of the bikes in my garage and sometimes even hold on to them

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Dry Counties

(The following is an excerpt from my upcoming book) If you ride much in the south you’ll soon find out there are many dry counties and jurisdictions. If you’re unfamiliar with the form “dry county” it refers to a county, town or area where the sale of alcohol is prohibited. That means you can’t buy beer, wine or liquor in that area. While dry counties can be found all across the country, the south has the highest concentration. If you

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2017 Hangover Hare Scramble

Friday December 30, 2016 11:00am – As I’m leaving Ride on Moto with a new skid plate for my KTM 1290 Super Adventure, John Ross suggests I bring Noah down to the 2017 Hangover Hare Scramble the following Sunday. Tuesday January 3, 2017 5:30pm – Back at Ride on Moto picking up a new helmet I mention the hare scramble to the parts manager, Lance. He suggests I enter Noah in the race. John provides me with the website information

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2016 Accomplishments

A little over a week into 2017, I thought I would write a quick post to share what I accomplished in 2016 when it comes to motorcycle-related things. 2016 Motorcycle Highlights Rode over 17,000 miles – This is a new personal record that I plan to destroy in 2017. Rode in 24 different states – I’ve now ridden in 41 of the continental 48 states and by the end of this year plan to have all 48. See you in

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Importance of Wearing Riding Gloves

Like most riding gear, gloves are something not every rider wears…but maybe they should. Below are my top reasons for wearing riding gloves Crash Protection – The most obvious reason to wear riding gloves is to protect your hands in the case of a crash or fall but there are many other reasons to wear them. Debris – One big reason to wear riding gloves is to protect your hands from road debris. While some adventure and dual sport bikes

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Noah’s Christmas Present | Honda CRF70F

For Christmas I picked up Noah a 2008 Honda CRF70 to hopefully replaced his 2006 Honda CRF50. Before giving it to him for Christmas I took the time to completely go over the bike both tuning it up and cleaning it. I spend less than $30 tuning it up. I bought a new NGK CR6HSA spark plug, new front brake shoes and some new ProGrips. I also changed the oil, cleaned and treated the air filter, adjusted the valves, checked the

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Booking Hotels for a Motorcycle Trip

Buffalo New York

When I Book A question I often get when traveling on a long motorcycle trip (aside from is your butt sore?) is ‘do you book your hotels ahead of time?’ The answer is yes…sorta. Before three years ago, I would just show up at a hotel and ask if they had any vacancies. While this method worked most of the time, sometimes it failed miserably; I’d end up checking multiple hotels before finding out everything was booked and then I’d

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