Motorcycle Chain Install

In this episode of Back in the Garage, I install a new chain and sprocket set on Noah’s Honda CRF50 Race Motorcycle. A similar procedure will work on almost all chain drive motorcycles.

Honda CRF50 CRF70 Valve Adjustment

Today I show you how to check and/or adjust the valve on a Honda CRF50 or CRF70. I use my old C70 as the demo bike though as the procedure is almost exactly the same, I do show you minor difference between the C70 and the CRF models. All you need is some simple hand tools, a feeler gauge and about 30 minutes. Welcome Back in the Garage!

Motorcycle Winter Prep

Unfortunately not all of us live in parts of the country where we can ride our motorcycles year round. I want to share with you the steps I take to prepare my bike(s) to sit a few months over winter. 1) Change the oil and filter – I like to have clean oil in my bike while it’s sitting over the winter instead of dirty oil with contaminants. The nice thing about changing the oil before you park it is

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