Dry Counties

(The following is an excerpt from my upcoming book)

If you ride much in the south you’ll soon find out there are many dry counties and jurisdictions. If you’re unfamiliar with the term “dry county” it refers to a county, town or area where the sale of alcohol is prohibited. That means you can’t buy beer, wine or liquor in that area. While dry counties can be found all across the country, the south has the highest concentration. If you enjoy a drink after your ride, I recommend carrying a flask filled with your favorite spirit.
In addition to totally dry areas, you’ll also run into all sorts of other strange alcohol laws. For instance, in Maryland you won’t find beer or wine in a grocery or convenience store. You can only buy alcohol from “liquor stores.” In West Virginia you can’t buy alcohol on Sunday before 1:00pm and there are no retail liquor sales on Sundays. I recommend doing a quick google search to find out the rules of the local area you’ll be staying so you won’t be surprised.