Sub for Sub

Just a quick warning. This post will not be specifically about motorcycling. Instead, it will deal with YouTube. Since many of you who read this website, also follow me on YouTube, I figured it would still make sense to post here.

What used to be every once in a while is now happening multiple times a week. As I’m replying to comments people have left on my YouTube videos, I come across the dreaded Sub for Sub request. I’m sure most of you who post regularly on YouTube have run into this but for those of you who haven’t, allow me to explain. Someone will leave a comment that reads something like this “Great video. I subbed to your channel. I hope you sub me back.” In almost 100% of cases it’s also the first time they’ve ever commented on one of my videos.

Do I sub them back? No

Do I click on the link they included or on their profile to check out their channel? No

It’s my belief that a Sub for Sub request (especially in the first comment you’ve ever made on someone’s channel) is poor manners and goes against proper etiquette. In most cases a Sub for Sub request is just SPAM and nothing more. I also don’t believe Sub for Sub is a good method to build your channel.

I don’t want people subscribing to my channel just because I subscribed back to them or vice-versa. I want people to subscribe because they enjoy the videos and enjoy the sense of community in the comments section with me and the other subscribers.

How to I decide who to subscribe to?

I seldom click on the subscriber tab to see who has recently subscribed to me. In fact, I turned off the email notifications months ago. There are 3 main ways I find other channels to subscribe to:

1) Regular commenters: If someone is regularly commenting on my videos, there’s a 100% chance I’m clicking on their thumbnail to check out their channel.
2) YouTube Search/Suggested Videos: Sometimes I just come across channels organically, being it a suggestion from YouTube or I happened to come across it in a search.
3) Recommendations from other YouTubers: I found out about Gladius Jon through BroncoRide. I found out about Dbest1a Vlogs because NC Stoney mentioned him in a video. If someone I’m already watching suggests someone, why wouldn’t I go check them out? Also, it works both ways. Guys like Alaskan Dual Sport and CM Moto have sent guys over to my channel as well.

Ultimately, I subscribe to channels because I like watching their videos. I hope people subscribe to my channel for the same reason.

So before spamming a bunch of YouTubers with Sub for Sub requests, try becoming a part of the YouTube community by GIVING value instead of just trying to take it.