We are back again for a 3rd year in a row!

What is the Wild & Wonderful Weekend?
The Wild & Wonderful Weekend is a 3 day, 2 night motorcycle trip throughout the Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia lead by West Virginia native Mario Orsini.

Why did you create the Wild & Wonderful Weekend?
The 2 Wheeled Rider YouTube Channel was created in 2015 to share motorcycle travel videos in the hope to inspire other riders to get out on their bikes and start touring. In 2017, I published Motorcyclist’s Guide To Travel to provide a blueprint of practical information to help riders plan their own motorcycle trips. It makes me happy to receive messages on a weekly basis from people telling me my videos have inspired them to take their own trip (or at least start planning one) or that my book helped them plan their trip. However, I know there are still more that have yet to take action and do a multiple day trip. There’s no better way to learn than by doing. That’s why for 2018, I wanted to take it a step further and put together the Wild & Wonderful Weekend. We did it again in 2019 and we’re doing it again this year. Bring yourself, your bike and your wallet…I’ve taken care of all the rest.

Dates and Times?
Thursday, September 24  6:00pm Meet at my house in Bunker Hill, WV for dinner, go over the weekend itinerary and meet some others you’ve seen on the YouTube Channel
Friday, September 25 7:00am Meet at Denny’s in Winchester for breakfast (right next to the hotel)
Friday, September 25  8:00am Leave Denny’s and head to Lewisburg, WV
Saturday, September 26 Ride from Lewisburg, WV to Weston, WV
Sunday, September 27 Return back to the Winchester, VA area Monday afternoon

How much will it cost?
$75 plus your own expenses. Your expenses will include 2-3 nights hotel stay, food, fuel, admission fees, and souvenirs. While prices are subject to change, expect it to cost under $500.

What do I get for the $75?
$75 locks in your slot. Because this ride is a “pay your own way” trip AND we have a very limited number of slots, I’m requiring a $75 deposit to make sure people commit. However, you’ll get more than $75 in value back. You’ll be receiving a Wild & Wonderful Weekend 2020 commemorative t-shirt, a 2WR face mask, dinner on Thursday night, and some other goodies.

What will we see?
Things like Blackwater Falls, Douglas Falls, Seneca Rocks State Park, Spruce Knob (West Virginia’s highest point), Babcock Falls State Park,  New River Gorge Bridge, Nuttallburg abandoned mining, Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum

*we won’t be visiting all locations but the above are examples and most will be included

What type of accommodations will be staying in?
We will be staying in hotels/motels on Friday and Saturday nights. You may also require a hotel room on Thursday night depending on how far you’re located from me. We’ll be staying at a national chain, Quality Inns. If you would like to save some money by doubling up with another rider in the group, I can help facilitate but there is no guarantee.

What type of restaurants will be eating at?
Thursday night we’ll be dining at my house. Friday morning, we’ll be meeting at the Denny’s next to the hotel to have breakfast before taking off on the trip. For the rest of the meals I’ve attempted to pick out some of the best local places in each area that have a wide enough selection of food that everyone should be able to find something they will enjoy. Also, on Friday at lunch…save room for the HOME MADE PIE!

Can I rent a bike from you?

What types of motorcycles are allowed?
Almost any RELIABLE bike. I would recommend a 500+ cc motorcycle due to the type of roads we’ll be riding. Anything smaller than that may be underpowered and unable to keep up with the group.

I want to haul/trailer my bike to your house instead of ride, is that possible?
Yes. If you’d like to trailer or haul your bike to my house in your truck/van, that’s fine. I have more than enough parking to keep everyone’s vehicles and trailers safe while we’re gone on the ride.

Who is allowed to sign up?
You must be at least 18 years old with a valid motorcycle endorsement on your license. You must also have insurance on your bike and wear a helmet at all times to be compliant with WV state law.

Can I bring a passenger?
Yes. Just let me know when you sign up.

How much riding will we be doing?
Over the course of 3 days we’ll be riding approximately 650 miles.

What type of roads will we be riding?
Awesome ones.

Can you be more specific?
We’ll mainly be riding US and state routes throughout the mountains with most being 2 lanes roads but occasionally turning into 4 lane highways in some areas. There will be very little interstate riding. The 2 lane roads get very technical in some areas so always ride within your skill level. It’s not a race! There may be some VERY light off-road (dirt and gravel) as well.

To quote one of  those who attended the spring 2018 ride:

“Roads were awesome!!!”

“My cheeks hurt at the end of the day because I was smiling so much.” – Jim Brown

See…I wasn’t kidding

What happens if it rains?

We ride rain or shine. Heck, in fall of 2018 if SNOWED! Be prepared for all riding conditions.

What should I bring?
Technically you could get by with just your bike, helmet and wallet but you’ll likely want to bring a change of clothes and toothbrush unless you want to sit by yourself at dinner. I’d also bring rain gear if you have it (because we WILL ride rain or shine…hell we even rode in the SNOW last year!), possibly a swimsuit depending on the weather and definitely bring along a camera. You’re going to see many beautiful things along the way that you’ll want to take pictures of to share with friends and family when you get home.

How do I sign up?
You’ll need to tune in live to the 2 Wheeled Rider YouTube Channel on Sunday, September 6, 2020 to access the sign up link.

What if I have a question that isn’t answered above?
Email me at 2wheeledriderdotcom@gmail.com