1983 Honda C70 Passport

So it’s been quite awhile since I’ve posted much on this website. One of he reasons is because I’ve been spending more time making videos and posting them on the YouTube Channel. But I hope to start posting more here especially since riding season is right around the corner.

Speaking of riding season, this past Saturday warmed up to 62 degrees. While my FJR is currently “winterized” and the SV650 is in about 100 pieces, my 1983 Honda C70 Passport was sitting in the garage and ready to ride.

I’ve spend the last couple of months getting the C70 looking and running good. It got a carb rebuild, new tires/tubes, new switches, mirrors and a slew of other things. I was even able to acquire a title and tags for it! So on Saturday afternoon, I loaded it into the back of my truck and Noah and I hauled it up to Winchester.

While technically we could have ridden it to Winchester, the C70 is comfortable only up to about 35 mph so I didn’t think it would be too safe riding it that from up Route 11.

Once we arrived, we unloaded the bike and road around the Old Town/Downtown area of Winchester for about 45 minutes. The 25 mph streets were perfect for the C70. That little Honda got so many looks, you’d have thought we were riding around in a Ferrari.

Noah had a great time riding around on the back of the bike. We rode up and down alleys, main streets, side streets and even across the walking mall.  It was a pretty fun afternoon of riding. I can’t wait to get take the bike down to Myrtle Beach this Memorial Day Weekend.

Honda C70