On Friday, September 15, 2023 at noon we’ll open the gate to a private off-road riding and camping area. On both Saturday and Sunday, Mario and Brian will lead out-and-back ADV rides. When we’re not out ADV riding, you’ll have the opportunity to test and hone your ADV skills on our own specifically laid out private trails (not open to the general public) or…you can grab a cold beer and take a nap; it’s up to you!


Friday, September 15 – Sunday, September 17, 2023

Cost –

$410 per rider ($355 for Executive Producer Podcast Members)

What’s included in the fee?

  • 2 Day guided ADV Tour through WV, VA, MD, & PA
  • Opportunity to ride on a private closed course
  • 2 Nights of Camping
  • Dinner Friday night
  • Breakfast provided on Saturday and Sunday
  • Lunch provided on Saturday and Sunday
  • 2WR ADV T-shirt and other goodies
  • GPX Files of the routes
  • Water/snacks
  • Tow Vehicle/Trailer parking

What do you need to bring?

  • Money for fuel 
  • Tent or something to camp in
  • (And obviously a bike, riding gear, clothes, etc)

ADV Camp & Ride FAQ

What type of camping?

The camping is primitive. There will be a port-o-potty on site and we also have running water (but not water hook-ups). Power for charging your electronic devices will also be available.

What can I bring for camping?

Pretty much whatever you want. If you want to sleep in a tent….cool. Have an RV or camper trailer? That’s cool, too as we have PLENTY of space. If you want to sleep in your truck or van, that’s also an option. There is a maintained road to get into the facility so you should have no trouble no-matter your rig.

Can I bring a generator?

Absolutely! However, if it’s not a quiet generator (like a Honda EU or Predator 2000/3500) we will ask that you power it down by 10:00pm so folks can get some sleep.

Are Mario and Brian tent camping?

HAHAHA! No! Brian will be sleeping in his Taj Mahal-sized toy hauler while Mario will be sleeping in his WAY smaller Toy Hauler.

What if I don’t want to camp?

If you prefer not to camp overnight the Koolwink Motel is located about 10 miles away. (You’ll be on your own for motel costs)

How far away is the nearest gas station/convenience store?

About 15 minutes (maybe less on the bike). 

Assuming you’re hauling your bike, you’re welcome to bring fuel cans along with you.

How much riding will we be doing?

We’ll be out on the bikes for 5-6 hours (maybe more) each day including a lunch stop.

Once we return to basecamp you can continue to ride on the closed course until dark.

What type of bike is best?

There is no “best” bike but you need to be on an ADV or Dual Sport in order to complete this ride. A twin cylinder ADV bike is perfect for the ride but a single cylinder dual sport is also fine. While a 250cc dual sport will be “ok” it’s also not the best option given that there are some higher mph tarmac sections.

Can I bring my dirt bike too?

Sure can! Arrive early Friday afternoon and enjoy riding your dirt bike on the closed course/trails. When we are finished riding on Saturday you can rip around the course on your ADV bike or dirt bike if you choose to bring it.

What happens if I get a flat?

We will be carrying plug kits to handle tubeless repairs and patch kits along with spoons to handle tube repairs. We will also be carrying and air compressor to get you back on the trail. That said, if your bike requires any special tools in order to remove the wheels (for tube repairs), please bring those along.

What happens if my bike breaks down?

Worst case scenario…your ride is done. Since we’ll never be that far away from base camp we should have no problems getting your bike hauled back to camp. At that point, Mario can attempt an impromptu Back-in-the-Garage session to try to get you back out riding.

Best case scenario…we’ll be able to repair it along the trail. Mario will be carrying a full tool kit that includes enough tools to be able to complete a top end rebuild (of KTMs anyway). Once again, if your bike requires any sort of specialty tools to do basic maintenance, it’s recommended to bring those along.

What should I wear?

ADV/ADV Touring apparel is best: Jacket, pants, boots, gloves and waterproof gear (or at least rain gear) is recommended as we will ride rain or shine. Mario and Brian will all be wearing Klim Gore-tex gear as well as ADV or Motocross style boots.

What type of helmet?

To be legal, any DOT approved helmet.

The ride can be done in any street helmet.

The ride can also be completed in a (DOT approved) dirt bike helmet with goggles or sunglasses/glasses.

It’s probably best to wear an ADV helmet such as an Arai XD4 along with goggles with some tear offs as it can get dusty on the trail (depending on weather conditions).

Should I wear a hydration pack?

That’s totally up to you. We will stop fairly often for water/snack/stretch breaks so you’ll likely be fine without one.

Can I get the GPX files to load into my GPS?

Yes. Once registered we will send you out the GPX files prior to the event so you can load those onto your GPS ahead of time if you would like.

What happens if it rains?

We will do this event rain or shine so be prepared. That said, if conditions get really bad due to weather we will have the option to reroute around some of the the more difficult sections.

What type of tires should I run?

It really depends on skill level, riding conditions and your bike but in most instances a 70/30 tire or slightly more aggressive is recommended. Mario, Brian and Tyler are all running Dunlop Trailmax Mission tires on their KTM twin ADV bikes.

Can I bring a passenger?

No. This route was not designed for two-up riding.

What is the cancellation policy?

The initial deposit is non-refundable. (However, those who cancel  30 days or more prior to the start of the event can apply it to a future event)

Cancelations 30 days or more before the start of the event will result in a full refund minus the $100 deposit (which can be applied to a future event).

Cancelations less than 30 days prior to the start of the event will be issued a 50% refund and can still have their $100 deposit applied to a future event.

Additional questions?

Email 2WRevents@gmail.com

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