2 Wheeled Rider Reservoir Socks

For years I’ve been running reservoir socks on my motorcycles. My old SV-650S had a VR46 reservoir sock while my current KTM 1290 Super Adventure is now on it’s 3rd reservoir sock. It started with a black sock with KTM embroidered  in orange and then switched to one of the opposite color scheme until finally replacing them with my very own 2 Wheeled Rider Reservoir Sock.

What exactly is a reservoir sock? It’s essentially an athletic sweat band you place around your brake or clutch master cylinder reservoir.

What does it do? Some have argued it could keep the UV rays from breaking down your brake fluid but I’ve seen no science to back up that claim. From a functional standpoint, when bleeding your brakes it could keep brake fluid from getting on your bike’s paint and metal surfaces saving it from damage. Another reason people have them on their bikes is for aesthetics.

Why do I have them on my bike? I just think it looks cool.

The 2 Wheeled Rider Reservoir Socks are only available here on 2wheeledrider.com. All socks are as pictured above; black with the 2 Wheeled Rider helmet logo embroidered in orange, black and white. They come individually wrapped. 2 Wheeled Rider stickers will also be included with every order. Get a 2nd one for a buddy or just to have a back up and SAVE! You’ll save not only on the per unit cost but the shipping cost is the same for 2 as it is for one.


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