Best Travel Charger

If you do any amount of traveling you’ve probably noticed, there never seems to be enough power outlets in hotel rooms to plug in or charge your devices. When we travel on the motorcycle, we have a minimum of 2 bluetooth headsets and 2 iPhones to charge at the end of each day. Add in an iPad, laptop, Kindle or other electronic device you may be traveling with and you may find you don’t have enough power outlets to charge them back up.

I picked up the EasyACC 4 Port USB Wall Charger before my last motorcycle trip. The charger is smaller than a pack of playing cards.



There is a folding plug on the back to save even more space.


The ad copy says is can charge 4 smart phones, or 1 tablet and 2 smart phones or 2 tablets simultaneously at full speed.  I plugged in both of our bluetooth headsets and smartphones and they all 4 charged in their normal amount of time.

The charger will automatically recognize the devices connected and output the amount of current that will allow for the fastest charging of each device.

Another plus is I no longer have to worry about bringing the iPhone charging blocks and needing one for each phone. With the EasyAcc wall charger all you need to do is bring your USB cables.

The best part is…the Price! As of today they are only $12.99 on Amazon. If you’re looking for a great travel charger, I highly recommend the EastACC 4-port USB Wall Charger.