Importance of Wearing Riding Gloves

Like most riding gear, gloves are something not every rider wears…but maybe they should. Below are my top reasons for wearing riding gloves

Crash Protection – The most obvious reason to wear riding gloves is to protect your hands in the case of a crash or fall but there are many other reasons to wear them.

Debris – One big reason to wear riding gloves is to protect your hands from road debris. While some adventure and dual sport bikes may have hand guards most street bikes don’t so your hands are exposed. Rocks, bugs, trash and other things can really do some damage when hitting your bare skin at highway speeds. A good pair of glove can keep your hands protected.

Warmth – In colder temps, gloves can obviously help keep your hands warm. Whether you’re just wearing a pair with some insulation or an electric pair with heating elements, keeping warmth and good blood flow in your extremities will keep you in control of your bike.

Numbness – Gloves can also help you from fatigue by helping dampen the vibrations from the handlebars or clip ons. The additional cushioning from the gloves can keep your hands from going numb.

Grip – Finally riding gloves can provide you with a better grip on the handlebar grips.

Personally, I have gloves for all sorts of different riding. I have dirt bike gloves, summer riding gloves, intermediate gloves, winter gloves, and waterproof gloves. Like most riding gear, manufacturers make something for everyone. With a quality pair of riding gloves starting at around $40, it doesn’t make much sense to risk your hands.