No Videos This Week

In 2017 I posted over 100 videos to YouTube and I plan to surpass that this year despite the fact that I took off the first two weeks of 2018 and now I’m taking off this week as well.

Allow me to explain…

If you follow me on Instagram…and you should (@marioorsini) you likely saw I had the KTM 1290 Super Adventure up on the lift this weekend. While it was on the lift I did the following: valve check, replaced the spark plugs, deleted all the emissions stuff including the O2 sensors, and installed the Rottweiler air box/intake. I didn’t get the bike back together until 6:00pm last night and while I filmed the whole process, it’s going to take me a few days to go through and edit the footage. It may even require a little voice over work for clarity but we’ll see.

I still need to change the oil/filter, change brake fluid and a few other less labor-intensive jobs but the “BIG” stuff on the bike is done. I plan to write a post later this week about how all the work went over the weekend along with some specs.

In addition to going through all the footage this week to edit, I’m also in the middle of renovating my home office where I do all of my editing work (you may have seen that in an Instagram story). The plan is to get a fresh coat of paint, new desk, a couple other pieces of furniture and install new shelving in the closet. My goal with the new set up is to accomplish the following:

1) Have a larger desk/work space as my current one is very cramped.
2) Better organization of my camera gear and other electronics I use to make 2WR videos.
3) More comfort/seating for those watching first cuts/edits. (Kristen, Noah, my sister and some other friends/family stop in from time to time or watch some rough edits and give me their inputs)
4) Make the office more “studio-friendly.” I want a good place (with good lighting and acoustics) to film some product reviews, Mail Times and other “in-studio” type things.

Anyway, sorry for the lack of video content this week but look for another written post or two here on the website.