Rear Shock Removal

It’s winter in WV so the weather is cold and terrible. However, riding season will be here before we know it so we might as well get some off season maintenance completed.

Anyone with an FJR knows these things are undersprung from the factory and with over 30k miles on my rear shock, it’s feeling awfully spongy. I spoke with the folks at Race Tech about doing a Gold Valve Conversion to the shock and having it resprung. Since they’re in California I need to ship it to them.

It took me about 90 minutes or so to get the shock off the bike. The bolt through the connector rods and the bolt holding the bottom of the shock were easy enough but the bolt through the top was a major pain-in-the-ass. I had to disassemble way more of the bike than I wanted to but since it’s now apart, I figure I may as well replace the spark plugs (more on that in an upcoming entry).

I got the shock off and shipped out to Race Tech. I should be receiving a call from them in the next few days to go over some details before they begin the work on my shock. I’ll keep you updated!