Blackwater Falls and Seneca Rocks

I woke up Saturday morning around 9:00am after a long night of driving. I didn’t get in until nearly 2:00am. Thad gave me a call and said he wanted to go riding. It was calling for sunshine and mid-80s so I wasn’t going to say no. Unfortunately, (for Thad) he realized he had too much to do and couldn’t find the time (It’s ok. We rode the next day). Once Thad bailed, Kristen and I rode to Ride on Moto in Winchester, VA to pick up my son’s new riding gloves, fueled up and then began riding west on Route 50.

The weather was perfect and there weren’t many people on the road. When we got to Romney, WV around 12:30 we were both hungry so we stopped at the Mountain Top Truck Stop. The prices were cheap and the food was good. Next time I’m going to get gravy on my fries.

We continued West on Route 50 for about 20 miles before getting on Route 93 West.  The twisties headed up Mount Storm are fun as can be and the views are amazing. I always enjoy riding past the power plant as well.  It had been 2 years since I’d been to Davis, WV and the road has definitely changed. Corridor H is much further along than my last trip and there are now parts of the ride where you actually ride on the new Corridor H but only one side is complete so it’s still just a 2 lane road. You get off and on the new road a few times before it finally ends.

The falls were pretty busy which was to be expected on a nice Saturday afternoon.


After we finished up at the falls, we headed south through Canaan Valley on our way to Seneca Rocks. While the ride starts out kind of straight, it quickly turns to curvy roads with plenty of elevations changes. There’s a stretch of about 10 miles that’s a TON of fun!

Next we came out at Yokum’s General Store. Last time I was here was almost 2 years ago. Thad, Brad and I ate pizza on the second story balcony as it poured down rain.


After we left the base of Seneca, we took 28 toward Smoke Hole Caverns. We stopped off at the new store they built but arrived too late to take a tour of the caverns. Next stop was Petersburg, WV to fuel up at Sheetz, then over to Moorefield to get on Corridor H. We rode Corridor H to Wardensville then took 259 back to Route 50 to get back home.

We rode about 260 miles on Saturday, our first ‘official’ day trip of the year and we couldn’t have asked for better weather or roads.

Next up, I’ll be giving a review of my Garmin 590lm now that I’ve been able to test it out for about the last 600-700 miles.