CRF50 Tire Change

So last weekend, the inner tube blew out on the rear tire of my son’s Honda CRF50. The tires were about shot on it anyway so I decided to replace both tubes, both tires and get 2 new rim wraps. I picked all the parts at the newly opened Ride On Moto in Winchester, VA.  I went with Dunlop MX52 Geomax Intermediate Tires.

I used my Motion Pro spoon tire irons to remove the old Cheng Shin (cheap) tires that were on it when I bought the bike used. They were a really flimsy tire with made for easy removal.


Installing the Dunlops on the other hand proved to be a challenge. I’m going to skip the profanity-laced tirade that my neighbors across the road may have heard. I took a break and came up with the idea to put the tires in front of my kerosene heater for about 15 minutes which made them a little softer and easy to work with. Once I did that, I was able to get them on easier.

I hope these tires hold up well because I’m not looking forward to changing them again.